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We have several brands. We have made little trailers for you to show you what each party entails... Click here to see

There are more explicit versions of these videos in the content library ;) 

We hope you enjoy these flirtacious and salacious videos!
Heaven Circle started in 2013. A full story of how it got started and how it evolved can be found here
Absolutely! We put as much effort (if not more) into facilitating human connection and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere as we do into setting up the playrooms. Many guests, both new AND regular may choose to simply socialise throughout the evening. 
The short answer is yes! We welcome single gentman to apply for heaven, however not at every event, it depends on the brand. We have different brands for a reason as everyone has different tastes and different fantasies. 

The events that single guys can apply to attend are;

Nights Of St Francis - Very limited spaces for single gentleman tickets - however you can also attend with playparters as part of a 'couple'
Singles Night - We are selective with who we invite to this event, quality over quatity, always! It is more than just looks, we look for chemistry and all-round great respectful guys
Blyndfolds - Very very selective criteria for single guys - very gym fit, respectful and dominant for this ultimate fantasy event
Your wallet is where you keep all your money! You wallet is found in your dashboard. The minimum top-up is £18 and this can be used to buy online content
This is very much up to your desired experience!
Nights Of St Francis is always a good first stop as there are many people, lots of dancing, lots of shows and you can simply watch, keep to your selves or dive right in! Masons Lodge is also a good starter party as its a very relaxed house party where you can simply watch or join in. For the ladies, Sorority XX is a great first party as it is our all girl party and very relaxed. Blyndolds however is definitely for those who what to jump right in! Blindfolded girls and hot dominant guys... Blyndfolds starts with girls meeting and drinking champagne. Then getting changed into lingerie and laying on a bed blindfolded. Then the hot carefully selected guys arrive.. The gong goes and its only teasing... then the gong goes a second time... and debauchery is unleashed... ;)
All walks of life attend! From Drs to nurses, From Teachers to University Students, From cleaners to celebrities... you name it.. they have attended! 
Tickets may only be purchased by approved Heaven Circle members for Heaven Circle members for the specific brands you have been invited to only.  Sharing ticket links with others is not permitted and may result in you not being able to attend your upcoming event.

If you have been invited to an event and wish to book a ticket for another member you simply need to let our guest relations team know in advance, this is primarily for members who have singles accounts and wish to attend as part of a couple with another approved member for that specific brand.   

We put a lot of work into selecting our members crafting our guestlists so this process is very important to us. 
Each event is different, and our guestlists are always curated to create the best experience possible. If the ticket booking link isn't hidden within the brand page that guests may suscribe to if approved for that brand then it has been sent out manually. To enquire about any event you may get in touch out guest relations team via the site, Instagram or [email protected]
Not all brands have the same guestlist criteria. For most events the invitation lists are curated on an event by event basis, tickets are never sold on a first come first served to all who apply, especially where the capacity is only 20-40 guests. Therefore members may remain pending until a particular event is announced. 
If you are pending for all brands, your application may be incomplete and an email to ammend a piece of information or add a missing verification image would have been sent to you. 
Not at all! The parties are a safe space to connect with other guests, feel liberated and confident in yourself and your surroundings. We always aim to have rooms that are more relaxed, and others more sensual so you can decide where you wish to spend your time depending on how you are feeling. Even if you wish to explore the playroom, you can be the voyuer, everyone if very respectful of verbal and non verbal queues. 
Yes, this is very must expected at our parties and throughout the scene. Condoms are always provided at our play parties and guests are also asked to bring their own.